Martial Arts Media 

From Master Elmore

Get a deeper understanding and knowledge of Tang Soo Do by supplementing your physical training with these great books and articles from Master Elmore.

The Physics of Martial Arts

Master Elmore utilizes his extensive educational and professional background to analyze martial arts techniques using physics.  A must have for students and instructors who wish to have a deeper understanding of why techniques are done the way they are.

ABCs of Martial Arts

Master Elmore describes various martial arts and their cultural significance throughout the world as you go from A to Z.  A great book for early readers and martial arts enthusiasts of all ages.

Bully Prevention Strategies for Kids

Great tips, information, tools, and activities for school age kids to help them handle bullying in this eBook.

The Karate Dad

Great resource for dads who want to incorporate martial arts principles into parenting.  Tips, advice, discussions, training videos, and much more!

Master Elmore’s Martial Arts Rants

Various articles on martial arts, teaching, and training from Master Elmore’s 30+ years of experience.