Online Karate and Fitness Courses

Learn everything taught at our studio in the safety 

of your own home!

We offer a wide range of stand alone courses that students can take at home, online.  No membership required!

Tiny Tiger Tang Soo Do

Students ages 5-8 learn the basics of Tang Soo Do from white belt to white/orange belts over the course of 12 lessons.  Each lesson is around 20 minutes long.  Parents are encouraged to do the course too!  Students have the option of testing for rank at the end of the course.

Beginner Tang Soo Do

Students ages 9 and older learn the basics of Tang Soo Do. Each level consists of 16 lessons.  Level 1 teaches white to advanced white belt curriculum.  Level 2 teaches advanced white to yellow belt curriculum,  Each lesson is around 20-30 minutes long.  Great for kids and adults to do together!  Students have the option of testing for rank at the end of the course.

KarateFit - Fitness Program

24 unique, karate based fitness workouts.  8 week workout plans.  Great for the entire family.  No partners, no experience, no equipment needed.  All fitness levels.  Workout at home, at anytime.  3 levels: beginner, intermediate, advanced.

Complete Sparring Course

Take lessons on your schedule, in your own home.  5 Levels: Distance/Defense, Offensive Techniques, Counters, Strategies, and Sweeps/Takedowns.  3-6 Lessons per Level.  15-20 minutes per lesson

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