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Students Only Information

How To Use the Studens Only Information 

The resources contained on these webpages are a great asset for our students.  On the left hand side of this page, you will find all of the handouts, calendars, and forms (equipment order, seminar sign up, cancellation, etc.).  On the right hand side of this page, you will find the curriculum reference pages for each belt level.  Simply click on the link corresponding to your current rank and you will be directed to the webpage containing all of the technical requirements for your rank.

Makeup Class Procedures

Students are guaranteed spots in the classes they enroll in.  They may change their schedules, add classes, or subtract classes up to 3 times a year.  Students may attend any class appropriate for their age/rank to makeup a missed class provided the class is not full.  Students may not attend a full class as a makeup.  Go to our schedule page to view the full classes.   


Click here for a video explanation of the makeup class procedures. 


Monthly Class Calendars 

Click the link above to view/download the monthly and yearly calendar of events 


Class Handouts 

Click the above link to view/download all of the handouts distributed in the student folders.  Handouts are labeled by the date of distribution.


Equipment Order Form 

Click the above link to place an order for uniforms, sparring gear, weapons, t-shirts, etc. 


Class Schedule Change Request

Use the form linked above to make a formal class schedule change.  Students are permitted to make up to 3 schedule changes per quarter. 


Billing Information Update 

Use the link above to securely update your tuition billing account information (new credit card info, expiration date, etc.) 


Seminar Registration 

Use the link above to enroll in one or all of our quarterly seminars.


Birthday Parties 

We host karate birthday parties at our studio for current students.  Click on the link above to reserve your party with us.



Membership Cancellation 

Use this form to cancel your membership with our studio.  Please be sure to read the cancellation policy as well as speak to your instructor regarding your options. 


Membership Hold 

Students may put their memberships on hold for up to 2 months, no questions asked.  Please be sure to read the hold policy completely prior to completing the form. 


Evergreen TSD Student Manual 

Click on the link above to view/download our student manual.  This manual contains all of the information regarding policies, rules, and procedures that every student should know. 


Mentor Program Registration 

Please use the form linked above if you want to become a mentor and help out other students needing some attention.  Also, this form should be used for students who would like a mentor to help them with their requirements.  There is no charge for the mentor program! 


Instructor Application 

Use the form linked above if you would like to apply to be an instructor trainee at our studio.  Please review eligibility requirements prior to applying. 


Leadership Program Information 

The document linked above will give you all of the information regarding our black belt leadership program (STORM/SWAT/BBC).


Quick Reference Guides (QRG) 

These documents contains written explanations of all of our curriculum from Tiny Tiger to black belt



One Step Sparring 


Free Sparring 


Student Curriculum Pages

Click on the link corresponding to your current rank to be directed to study guides, videos, and other information required at your belt level.



Tiny Tiger/Little Dragon 


Beginner Gup 

10th Gup 

9th Gup 

8th Gup 

7th Gup 


Intermediate Gup 

6th Gup 

Intermediate 6th Gup 

Advanced 6th Gup 

5th Gup 

4th Gup 

Intermediate 4th Gup 

Advanced 4th Gup 

3rd Gup 


Advanced Gup 

2nd Gup 

Intermediate 2nd Gup 

Advanced 2nd Gup 

1st Gup 

Cho Dan Bo 


Black Belt Prep 

Intermediate Cho Dan Bo 

Advanced Cho Dan Bo 


Black Belt 

1st Dan 

2nd Dan 

3rd Dan

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